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I'm a computer science major and have been doing full stack web development for over 8 years. The frameworks or libraries I'm most familiar with are jQuery, D3, Bootstrap, Node, Express and Backbone. I enjoy working and contributing back to open source projects and going to tech related meetups. I'm currently in the process of getting vertified as an AWS Solutions Architect Associate



Konfio, Mexico CitySoftware Architect

  • Created a single click multi-stage build process with Jenkins
  • Implemented the immutable server pattern using Docker and ECS
  • Lead team to decrease page load time (under 1 sec.) using service workers
  • Lead development team to implement good practices like code reviews, merge requests, code style guides and unit tests.
  • 2015-2016

    Konfio, Mexico CityFull stack developer

    • In charge of Web development using Zend Framework 2
    • Created a web scraper that has donwloaded over 3.5 million invoices
    • Web scraper can pass through captcha
    • Migrated from a monolithic structure to micro service oriented
    • 2014 - 2015

      MakerSquare, San FranciscoFront end instructor

      Taught front end technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript and Node. Also, helped migrate the curriculum from Ruby to Js.

      PROS, HoustonFull stack developer

      Developed an SMB targeted web application using Grails. Also helped create the continous integration process in Microsoft Azure.

      CODE Ingenieria, Mexico CitySoftware developer

      Collaborated on the messaging protocol between two processors. While doing the front en development for CODE, we created a CRUD PHP/MySQL system.

      Synergy Elements, Mexico CityEmbedded software developer

      I was responsible for creating our OEM builds using Windows CE 5/6, drivers for said devices and the systems mp3/id3 tag reader using C and C#.



      Tecnologico de MonterreyMonterrey, Nuevo Leon. Mexico

      Bachelors in Computer Science
      Took part in a special exchange program for a semester in Barcelona
      06-12 2007

      Cantera tech, BarcelonaInternship abroad as part of school program

      Developed a Java web application using Struts 2 and Hibernate. Also worked as the teams unix sysadmin

      personal projects


      Bicla - WIPReact native iOS and Android application

      Serverless application, uses redis and API Gateway

      Tetris 30th year anniversay developed with co-workers from PROS done in clojurescrip


      A bookmarklet that will play 2048 for you with pretty good results.

      generator-d3-irisnpm install -g generator-d3-iris

      Yeoman generator for fast d3 prototyping